Letter of Interest (Statement of Purpose)

I am Md. Badrul Alam an English teacher of Secondary level of Bangladesh.

I have been teaching English in different schools for the last sixteen years. I have experience of teaching from classes five to ten especially eight, nine & ten. I am also a master trainer (English) in BRAC. As a master trainer, my responsibility is to train up English teachers of secondary level. Teaching and Training is not only my profession but also my passion.

I have got the opportunity to receive subject-based (English) training from NAEM and BRAC. In BRAC I took part in subject-based training for the English teachers of classes six to eight and nine-ten. I also received two training of trainers (TOT) from BRAC.

In 2009 I got the opportunity to take part in Teaching Excellence and Achievement program in the USA. It was a special professional development program for the teachers. I was at George Mason University, Virginia (USA) and I did my internship in Poe Middle School, Virginia.

English is an international language. Without learning English it’s not possible to keep pace with the modern world. As an English teacher, I always try to teach my students in such a way so that they can face the real-life challenges. Many years ago our government introduced CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) method. CLT puts emphasis on the skill of communication. So I put emphasis on real-life English. Our English For Today is designed in such a way that helps our students to practice and learn English effectively and fruitfully.

Because of various reasons most of our students are not good enough in listening and speaking skills. It is our responsibility to make them good speaker. And to do so we the English teachers should use English as a classroom language. If we can speak in simple and easy English it will be very much helpful for the students to develop their English easily. We should make the classroom interesting and live so that the students get interested to learn English. We should put them in different activities to practice all the four skills.

As a teacher our aim should not be only to make our students pass. We can do a lot for the comprehensive development of the four skills of the students. Through different training, workshop and seminar I have been trying to develop my English and teaching strategy. I believe teaching is not teaching until and unless my students learn. We should let our students speak to remove their shyness, inertia and fear. We should not be rigid or stereotype at the time of teaching rather we should be flexible.

As an English teacher, I am performing a challenging job to teach English. Most of the students of our country only want to pass in the exam. They don’t acquire the four skills of the English language. But when they enter into their professional life in home or abroad they understand the necessity of English. Even for the weakness of English, they don’t get a suitable job or handsome salary. I am very much aware of this. So I motivate my students to learn English in such a way so that they can use English in their real life situation.

Now English is not only the language of British or American people. English is an international language. Two citizens of different languages cannot do any form of communication-oral or written in their own mother language. They have to use another language which is the second language to both of them. English has owned the dignity of this language. This is why it is called the international language. The importance of learning English is vital. English plays a vital role in higher studies. In all offices either government or non-government English is badly needed. To keep co-operation with the advanced countries, we should learn English properly. We should keep it in mind that this is the age of globalization and English is the global language.

As an English teacher, my responsibility is a little bit higher than any other subject teacher. I am very much conscious of my responsibilities. In abroad most of the people of our country face problem in using English. As a result, they lag behind from the people of other countries.

Every year a large number of students go to foreign countries for education. Many Bangladeshi students fail to go abroad for education because they don’t have sound knowledge in English. They can’t do well in IELTS or TOEFL. So they don’t get student visa.

Introducing modern technology inside classrooms helps a lot to make the lesson easy and interesting. So we should know how to deal with the multimedia classrooms. We should know how to prepare a lesson through PowerPoint and how to present it. So, for all the reasons I think I have to do a lot as an English teacher and trainer to develop the English language skill of our community.

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