Short Lesson Plan

  Short Lesson Plan Class: Nine                                                                 

   English First Paper Time: 45 minutes

Teacher: Md. Badrul Alam

New vocab: Steady- stable, fixed. Sapling- a young tree. Boring- dull, monotonous. Bud- sprout, shoot, a bud is a small pointed lump that appears on a tree or plant and develops into a leaf.  Graft- transplant, implant, a piece of living tissue that is transplanted surgically. Hut- cottage, a simple single-storey house. Pleasure- happiness, joy, amusement, enjoyment, satisfaction.  Gadget- appliance, instrument, tool, utensil. Perhaps- maybe, possibly, probably.  Annoy- irritate, vex, displease. Maid- a female domestic servant.

AGreetings. Warm-up activity. Setting the scene/Introduction to the Topic. The teacher will tell the students to make pairs among themselves and talk about the picture.Whole class.Pair work.15 minutes
BThe teacher will tell the students to write the answers of the following pre-reading questions and whenever students are writing the answers teacher will write the meaning of some vocabs in the board. Why didn’t Sayeed Kamal like his job? Who cooks food for him? The teacher will tell the students to read the text silently to answer the questions at the end of the text.Individual work10 minutes
CStudents will ask and answer the questions in pairs.Pair work5 minutes
DStudents will fill up the table according to the instruction of the book.Individual work5 minutes
EWrite a paragraph on Sayeed Kamal and give a headline.Individual work5 minutes
FHW- ‘I must say I’m a very happy man!’ — Do you agree with Sayeed? Write why/why not? FeedbackWhole class5 minutes

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