Teamwork and Leadership

Team Work and Leadership:

    1. What do you think about Teamwork & Leadership?

Answer: The performance of a team mostly depends on the skill, knowledge, leadership qualities of the team leader. Good understanding among the team members and the leader is also very important to get the best result from a team.

2. Your Team members won’t be the same as all fingers are not the same.

How’d you handle if any problem will occur?

Answer: Naturally members of a team can’t perform equally in accomplishing a certain task. As a team leader, it’s my responsibility to complete the work within the stipulated time taking help from team members irrespective of expert or less expert.

3. If you’re a team leader, what kind of team culture you’ll practice in your team?

Answer: As a team leader obviously I will develop a culture of positive environment of friendly behaviour. I will never be rigid or stereotyped at the time of teamwork rather I will be flexible. I will always make my team members feel that they are really important for my team. I will always inspire them to do more good by using sweet words and giving them cordial thanks for their performance.

4. Tell me about Communication skills & Public Relationships.

Explanation: Communication skills and public relations are interrelated. To be a good public relations officer you must have good communication skills. You must have good command over Bangla and English. And nowadays you must know how to use information technology and social media to build a good relationship with the people.

5. If you go through any personal problem, will it affect your work activities?

Answer: A professional person never takes his or her personal problem to the workstation. As a professional, I always keep my personal problem outside my work area.

6. What’ll be your stress management strategy?

Answer: Actually, it depends on the stress and situation. I think having suggestions from my team members it will be very much easier to overcome any sort of stress. In short, these are all about my opinion on teamwork and leadership

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